Pilier Forêt, Centre of Forest Biological Resources

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The Pilier Forêt is a Centre of Forest Biological Resources (FBRC) distributed over 3 operational sites and 2 sites dealing with functional support activities.

It groups Forest Biological Resources, such as collections of seeds, pollens and plants, genomic resources and samples of leaves, needles or wood. These resources are managed scientifically by 3 (Mixed) Research Units of the ECODIV department of the INRAE institute and technically by 3 Experimental Units of the same department.

The purpose of the BRC is to provide national and international scientific communities with a FBR intended for research, and the phenotypic and genotypic data associated with it.

The Pilier Forêt forms part of the research infrastructure AgroBRC.  As such, it works together with the other component piliers of the infrastructure on cross-sectoral research themes and participates in exchanges amongst the various biological resource centres grouped within this infrastructure. It was certified “BRC – Biological Resource Centre“ (« CRB - Centre de Ressources Biologiques ») by the IBiSA GIS in 2019. In order to support its structure and to orient its activities towards pro-active attention to clients, the Pilier Forêt is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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