General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of use of the Pilier Forêt are explained in the charter of access which must be read and accepted before any proposal.

This charter also describes the commitments of the Pilier Forêt towards the applicant and the commitments of the applicant towards the Pilier Forêt when using a resource. It specifies the selection criteria for the introduction of a resource.

Download the charter of access here


Depositing an application

A proposal of forest biological resources is made by completing the introduction proposal form, to be downloaded here.

The completed form must then be sent to the alias:

You can also contact this alias if you have any questions.


Processing the application

Any application for introduction is presented to our validation committee, a procedure which may take up to six months. The applicant is informed of this procedure when contacted to confirm receipt of the proposal.  

Specific selection criteria are applied to arbitrate the integration of a resource into the Pilier Forêt.